Saturday, March 27, 2010

Next Steps

Will I get on the flight?
My team leaves for Hawaii this morning. It is the end of our 3 month 'outreach' in Colombia . . .

It was a wonderful experience and I learned:

1. How I can work better in a team setting. Many times I don't realize how my actions affect others. Communication in love is so important. Hearing and listening to outside perspectives helps me grow.

2. Great net-working with people who have similar dreams. I met Maria Jose, from Chile. She is a special education teacher who sold/gave away most of her things and her house, came to YWAM to launch into her dream. I wonder if we'll work together. She finishes her DTS in June.

3. Visiting ministries that do what I want to do. Getting to work with them, to see how it works on a daily basis.

4. Now I´m an official part of the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) family - because I completed the 6 month DTS (discipleship training program).

My teammate, Sean, and I were both accepted to YWAM's Children at Risk school here in Bogota. This morning I had last minute thoughts. Maybe I should forget it and leave. It would be so easy to get on the plane and go back to Hawaii.

After praying, I realized again this school seems like the next best step for me.

1. Great teachers - 20+years experience w/ children at risk, psychologists, professionalswho teach on child development and how to help kids with problems. How to start a long-term ministry with kids.

2. Our big project through the school: write a 'business plan' or proposal for the dream in your heart, that I can share with churches and individuals who are interested in supporting / helping.

3. Networking with others who have similar dreams.

4. Catapult me into the next phase to pursue having a house for kids.

I said goodbye to my team, and didn't get on the plane. I'm still here in Bogota, with Sean, and the school starts tomorrow.

Tonight I met the three other girls in our school: Melanie, from Minnesota, Annie, from Pennsylvania, and Anna, from British Colombia. I really like them. Its going to be a fun school. And there are two more students from Venezuela we'll meet later.

My imaginary timeline:

March-July (now), Children at Risk school, 1 month volunteering at a similar ministry

1 month: Home visiting friends/family

4 months: Writing about my world trip, finish editing, pursue publishing (to raise publicity for house for kids)

6 months: Travel, visit various ministries that do similar work w/ children (see what works well/what doesn't)
4 months: Home, raising awareness, building a team
6 mo - 1 year: Volunteering 'long-term' with a couple who starts a home from ground-up, to learn how to start from scratch.

5 months: Home, raising awareness, building a team, finding a home
2 months: Preparing the home, legal work, building the 'family'
28 months later (in 2+years): House Begins - in the country, 8-12 children, mom & dad, international staff.Help start others around the world. (Network or begin new works)
The above are ideas. I'll be praying about each step. I imagine this home up and running within 1-3 years. A lady I met in a coastal town in Colombia said, "Why don't you start one home in the States, then set up others in different countries?" Yes, I think I would like that.

Thanks for your love, support, and blessings! I really appreciate your interest, involvement, and investment in my life. God does amazing things. Thank you for standing with me.

Much love to you. Let me know how I can support & encourage you. Blessings to each of you in your work/lives. Thank you for what you do! Your life is a gift to many people and to me.

With Joy,

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  1. miss.smiley ur so awesome!!! ily nd miss u!!! cnt wait 2 meet ur family in the nxt yrs!!!