Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brother Time

My older brother Craig is getting married. He invited me to live with him before the wedding. It's been really fun to stay at his house, help him get ready to bring a girl home, & spend time together.
Highlights include . . .

1. Our 2-hr early morning walk. We got to share struggles & what God is teaching us. I really appreciate how Craig pursues a relationship with me. And how we can talk about most things. He is a wonderful brother.

2. Spending time with Mandy, my coming sister-in-law. She is beautiful, inside & out. When I talk with her, I see care in her eyes. She is tender-hearted, full of compassion & faith, and loves Jesus so much. Since I never had sisters growing up, I prayed for great sister-in-laws. God answered my prayers more than I can imagine.

3. Cleaning the barn & the garage. We prayed before starting the enormous task & the Lord helped us get it finished in 7 hrs. Pulling things out, recycle, give away, throw away, brush all the cob-webs, cleaning shelves, putting it back in organized - whew! But it looks stellar now. And ready for Craig & Mandy to start fresh.

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