Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reunion in Colombia

Sweet reunion with team Colombia today! We're all together in Bogota. Yipppeee!!! Tomorrow we leave for rural place and work with kids. I'm so excited. Tonight God provided a spectacular sky-show: Rainbow, blazing sunset, swirls of color, twinkling city lights, and O'Ryan warrior-constellation in the sky . . .

Celebrating His goodness and glory.

Thanks for praying for us. Sisi and I had a great time in Orlando and Miami. We saw God provide in amazing ways - shoes, Disney world, sunsets, laughter.

It was great seeing the family on Skype. Thanks for letting that happen. I love you guys.

Merry Christmas!!! We're going to be in a rural area, so probably won't have internet/phones. But if I can, I'll call grandma and grandpa's this weekend, if we can find an international phone. If not - tell everyone HI and give them my love.
I hope my package arrives. Grandma, I sent one in the mail - Grandpa's gift. And your gift is in the package I mailed to Colorado (Ryan's house).
I'll send my address when I know it. :) We'll be traveling for a week.

Love and joy,


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