Sunday, February 7, 2010

Introducing Team Colombia

Meet my amazing team. I love them.
Back in September, I prayed God would put together a Dream Team. He did.
We are the most international team, equal guys & girls, and so different it's beautiful.

Zach - leader: chill, easy-going, kind, loves kids, zaney
Sean - student-leader: Pure love for kids, passion for Lord, funny
Taylor - good thinker, intent on walking in everything God has for him, big trust
Julian - poetic-warrior, listens to impressions from God, speaks words from the Lord
Sharon - beautiful flower, loves, serves, nurturing
Sisi - big faith, little girl, big trust in Bigger God, full of laughter and joy
Cathrine - hard worker, dedicated to following God no matter cost, helps keep team organized and on track
Ericka - me!

(Music: Soliders, by Out of Eden, Love, Peace & Happiness album)

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