Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dance & Life Expressions

Last Sunday, my teammate Sean asked to borrow my notebook and pen.
I thought he wanted to take notes.
After five minutes, he handed the paper back to me with a message . . .

Short version: God loves when you dance. You express His love through
your movement. Be free to dance. It is good.

I read the words in amazement. I love to dance, but am always scared to do
it in public. This morning, our team was leading the church service and I was
up next to share. What prompted Sean to write this?

What if I dance? What song would I choose? The night before,
when our team prayed, a song played in my mind about 'chains being broken', and
Christ coming to set you free. I haven't practiced. Then a thought came to mind,
"You know how you trust me to sing and pray for people without knowing the words
or music ahead of time? Will you trust me to give you the motions as you dance?"
Ok, God. It really was a dream in my heart to dance, I just needed the encouragement
to do it. Sean's letter gave me the boost.

Julian, another teammate, had the song on his ipod, and we hooked it to the speakers
when my turn came. I closed my eyes and moved to the rhythm and lyrics.
It was so much fun, and I felt so free.

I love expressing worship through dance. When I pray or sing,
I use my mind and voice, but when I dance, it is 3-dimensional worship.

Afterwards, a lot of people complimented my courage. Thank you, God.
But the best affirmation came from Sisi, my Chinese teammate.

"When you danced, it was powerful. Really. When I watched you, it made me want to live for God more fully. It is the same when people watch your life."

God, that's my prayer. Thank you for encouraging me through Sean's words.

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