Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hawaiian Luau

Sept 5, one week before leaving for Kona, the Lord and my community helped me throw a Hawaiian Luau. The purpose was to share my dream and to raise the support in the Vail Valley of Colorado.

The support and love received were more than I imagined.

The Vail Daily ran an article in the local paper, my parents flew out, brother Ryan transported chairs, sister-in-law Sabrina prayed, Lacey Gerard & family provided two pigs for the feast, Scott Green gave a whole day + to cook authentic Hawaiian pork, Becky Peterson & Abbie ran around buying supplies, Jennifer Downs loaned her catering equipment, the Eagle Methodist church & Gypsum Creek Middle School shared their tables and chairs, Ivan & Linda Stultzfus loaned their truck & help to transport the chairs, Barbara & her husband helped sponsor the event, Chris Emmer donated the use of his Glissade tent, and so many families brought delicious food and loving hearts.

That evening, God also brought in finances for my trip.
By the time I left a week later, He provided everything.
It was just like He showed me in Ezra.
He provided every detail for the house of the Lord to be built. (verse 6)

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