Saturday, September 19, 2009

Place to Stay

Does God ever run out of resources?

In 2007, I traveled around the world and saw his hand provide every where I went. 
Now, two years later, I want to see him do it again.

I've never been to Hawaii before, and I would love to come out a week early before classes start. 
I had no idea where I could stay, but remembered my world trip, and figured God would take care of me.

The two weekends before leaving, 8-year-old Drew came running up to me in church . . .

to tell me his uncle & aunt from Kona, Hawaii were here, today, and they had agreed to pick me up from the airport the following Monday.
In direct provision from God, Uncle Brian greeted me at the airport with a lei and connected me with two families from his church so I could have a place to stay. 

1. Scott & Lisa Orvis: missionaries w/ YWAM in Kona. Scott helps w/ University of the Nations, and Lisa oversees curriculum development for schools on the mission field. Their oldest son goes to Taylor University in Indiana. (He could use a car, so if any families have an extra one sitting around he could borrow, that'd be an amazing blessing.) I learned about parenting from them: parenting is mom's main ministry - have no regrets, pour everything into that ministry. Dad said best advice: As your kids get older, be their best friend. Unconditional love, give them your advice but let them learn to make decisions, love them no matter what.

2. Gordon & Kim Dong: physical therapist, leader at Grace Community Church in Kona, and mom. They have a spectacular story of God providing the house they live in, and now it is a house for kids. They have four boys, 2 in college, and have people & kids over all the time. Their home has 5 bedrooms and they see it as a ministry to have people in their home and be family to them. I know I will learn a lot from them this week about having a house for kids. Also, Gordon's mother lives here, and it is so nice to have a grandma around.

It appears God is teaching me how to be a parent.
Thank you for your miraculous provision for my week before school starts.

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